Informix Database drivers for accessing Cisco UCCX version 8.x

If you want to access the CCX 8 database for either the Checkmate wallboard or custom reporting you need to download and install the IBM Informix diver on the PC needing access. This is a free download from IBM but you do need to register.

The current release is 3.70 and there are two versions.

* IBM Informix OLE DB Provider Version 3.70.TC1, Windows (32 bit)

* IBM Informix OLE DB Provider Version 3.70.FC1, Windows x64

You can download from here:

If you select Windows (32bit) or Windows (64bit) in the “Limit To” drop down you get a more sensible list.

This gives both ODBC access and .NET

In order to setup the Informix driver you need to know certain information.

Informix Database name (sometimes called database instance). This is the UXXC host name in lower case with _uccx added on the end. To find the UCCX host name login to the publisher cli and issue a “show status”

Example: Our TAC uccx has a host name of CCX7TAC (in capitals) so its database name is ccx7tac_uccx

Service: This is the TCP port number and is 1504

User this has to be: uccxhruser

Password: Login in to appadmin select tools and Password Management, set the password in the Historical Reporting User. I suggest cisco as a password as we may need to share this with several people at the customer site. This user ID only has read access to the database so there are no security concerns. Don’t use the Wallboard user as this only has access to the two real time tables. The uccxhruser has full read access to the whole database. (note this full read access was added in 8.0(2) SU2)

Host Name: This is the IP address of the CCX server.

Some setups, .NET rather than ODBC may ask for a protocol which should be: onsoctcp

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